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The cosmetic industry is one of the largest known businesses across the globe. Hence, this ideology enhances the need for elegance and variety in the packaging. Therefore, custom cosmetic boxes packaging is yet to be made with so much diversity that every brand differs from the one that is existing previously.

Cosmetic boxes can be made with a lot of customizations and styles to enhance their appeal. It is so because bringing something new to the table is not everyone’s cup of tea. Read to learn more about the specifications of boxes.

Which Material Will Be Best Suitable for My Kraft Boxes?

There is no doubt that all kinds of cosmetic packaging boxes ask for resilient boxes that tend to keep the products safe and sound. For this purpose, the cosmetic products also require reliable, reusable, and reasonable boxes. Considering all three of these options might be a difficult choice. Cosmetic products are immensely delicate and vulnerable. Therefore, we at AlphaCustomBoxes manufacture stable custom cosmetic boxes that can always offer protection to your products.

To cater to your needs, we have three of the most durable and reliable materials present in the market.

  • Eco-friendly Kraft

Kraft is an environmentally friendly material that decomposes with time. Hence, we make use of it to make custom cosmetic boxes wholesale in the most useful manner. Also, eco-kraft consists of all the best qualities to be an ideal material for use. It is available in the khaki color that does not soak any color and is painted nicely.

  • Card-stock

On the other hand, card-stock is reasonable and robust enough to be used. It consists of various layers of stock as well as cardboard material. In all means, card-stock is an all-purpose material with multiple uses.

  • Corrugated

Just in case you thought that we forgot! We didn’t.

Shipping is one of the most disastrous processes that requires enough stamina and stability. Therefore, to ship a product with all due respect, it is essential to pack it within extremely thick materials. Hence, the corrugated material does the job for us. It has the most layers of thick sheets and offers safety to the cosmetic products for as long as possible.

Types of Kraft Boxes that Our Company Offers:

The market is vast and binging in with old styles is not part of the game. This is why using diverse styles and designs is one of the best options to make your place in the market. You might also see a visible difference in your sales before and after using different box styles.

To cover you up, we have innumerable box styles and designs waiting to be chosen by you.

Choose from:

  1. Tuck-end:
  • 1 2 3 bottom wholesale cosmetic boxes
  • auto-lock bottom box
  • Straight tuck end
  • Reverse tuck end
  1. sleeve-box:
  • Trays
  • bowl sleeve boxes.
  1. 2-piece boxes:
  2. 5 panel Hanger boxes:
  3. display boxes:
  • auto bottom display with lid
  • double wall with display lid
  • 1 2 3 bottom display lid
  • Double-wall locked lid
  • Four corners with display lid
  • Taper style with double-wall display lid
  • Mailer boxes:
  • subscription boxes
    • double wall front tuck-end boxes
  • Dispenser box:
Select Amazing Shapes and Dimensions for Your Kraft Boxes

At AlphaCustomBoxes, we make premium custom printed cosmetic boxes most adorably so that you can win the hearts of your customers. Also, a huge range of custom shapes, styles, and sizes are available. These help in making your place in the market better with time. You can contact us to get custom boxes made at sufficient prices.

Moreover, this custom shape and size offer is all that you need to be distinct. So wait no more.

Avail our Quality Printing and Manufacturing Techniques for Your Kraft Boxes:

With an array of choices to choose from, our custom boxes are made in different manufacturing styles. These styles are available so that your cosmetic gift boxes can be appealing and adorable in all manners.

We have with us:

  • Flat Box
  • Gluing:
  • Perforation:
  • Scoring:

Indeed, no one wishes to buy boxes with less attractive capabilities. It is so because the first impression might not be the last, but the beauty box packaging of your product will either be your savior or a disaster that you were not expecting.

Henceforth, to fulfill your requirements, the most vibrant printing methods are waiting for you.    

  • Digital Printing
  • Flexography Printing
  • Offset or lithographic Printing
Embrace Your Kraft Boxes by Adding Additional Features:

Moreover, cosmetic packaging wholesale needs to be as embellished as possible for the sake of better marketing. Our Add-ons work as suitable marketing strategies that enhance your cosmetic products’ market value and the custom cosmetic packaging. Also, you might not accept that spending dollars on a separate marketing company is way better than using a little brain and functioning in the same amount.

All the Add-ons that we offer are:

  • Spot UV:
  • Foil Stamping:
  • Die-cutting:
  • Embossing:
  • Debossing:
  • PVC Window:
Give an Attractive Finishing to Your Kraft Boxes with The Help of Coatings:

Furthermore, it would be a mistake if you forget to build more color on wholesale cosmetic packaging. It is so because the more the color, the better the appeal of the box. Hence to cater to this aspect, we have two sets of coatings available with us.

The gloss coating that we have for you offers a shiny and shimmery look to the cosmetic packaging boxes. You can either wish to use the gloss coating on the printing or simple on the box surfaces. On the other hand, the matte coating is the opposite of the gloss coating because it gives a sleek surface with no shine. However, we replace the shine with neatness.

Get Prototypes for Your Kraft Boxes

Prototypes are made especially for customers to aware of the designs and styles that they can use. Also, the prototypes work as samples that can help understand the idea behind a specific box ad its dimensions.

Although offering prototypes is not a piece of cake since it takes a lot of extra effort and hard work. Therefore, we at AlphaCustomBoxes offer prototypes just for the sake of your contentment. Our prototypes are available in three different categories, and you get to choose a category that works best for you.

  • Flat View:

Firstly, in flat view, we offer die-cut samples of the box so that you can look into the fine lines and designs that we have for you.

  • 3-D Mockup

Secondly, in the 3D mockup, we email 3-dimensional samples of the eco-friendly cosmetic packaging to customers who prefer this method. This tends to be a better option for busier customers who might not be available at the moment.

  • Physical Sampling

Lastly, offering physical sampling might be one of the finest things to do for our customers. It is so because we send in pre-made beauty packaging at your doorstep for you to examine every bit of them and check for variations you might please. Although this is the best option because you can hold the samples in your hands and see all that you wish to.

Why Choose Alpha Custom Boxes?

Alpha Custom Boxes promises quality, quantity, and affordability and works effectively on all three aspects. Our purpose is to bring in newer options for all our customers while keeping their budgets in our minds. We have numerous choices for you, and we promise that each choice is better than the previous one.

Also, offering ODM and OEM might even be considered as two of the finest properties. ODM is also famous for private labeling. You can either choose the design from a pre-existing catalog and get some customizations done. However, on the other hand, we can also create custom designs for you only and offer our OEM services.


  • We have free delivery for all customers residing in the USA.
  • We have various sampling methods for you.
  • You can enjoy custom shapes and designs for your cosmetic product packaging.
  • We have a variety of customizations accessible for you.
  • Our customer care staff is available 24/7

Get your cosmetic packaging with no minimum order.

“Here For you.”

With custom cosmetic boxes being one of the leading businesses, the need for more and more packaging companies arose a while back. For this purpose, the market is flooded with packaging companies willing to offer substandard services to fulfill your purpose in the meantime. However, AlphaCustomBoxes is manufacturing durable, resilient, affordable, and appealing packaging just for the sake of your contentment. For decades, we wish to offer impressive packaging is the most reasonable rates to win our hearts and to let you win the market.

We have with us professional designers who are always available for your assistance. Get in touch with them to get your cosmetic box customized just as you like it to be.  With an array of choices to choose from, we offer suitable prototypes that will take all your worries away. Willing to be there for you at all times, our website has some of the best winter discounts that you surely don’t want to miss out on.

Indeed, we will be pleased to work with you.

  • Can I get custom boxes made?

 You certainly can. We design cosmetic box packaging for all our customers as per their demands. All the customizations include appealing printing methods, coatings, and the use of sustainable materials for the sake of our environment’s betterment.

I want my cosmetic packaging to look different! What options do you have?

Our innumerable choices of adding to the beauty of your cosmetic packaging low minimums include different sets of customizations, printing techniques, Add-ons, and so much more. All of this is available so that you can enjoy these options and make the best out of them. Also, we have designers for your assistance.

  • Will you provide free delivery here in Chicago?

Yes! We offer free delivery for all the customers residing in the United States Of America. So you can also avail off of this offer in Chicago too.


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