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Choose the Best Eco-Friendly Boxes for your Products

Say no more to cliché designs and insufficient packaging of eco-friendly boxes. We, at Alpha Custom Boxes, are making sure that your eco-friendly boxes are not just eco-friendly, but come with an alluring look that your customers have, for long, wanted.

Available in all sizes and dimensions, we also provide you with unlimited customization on your eco-friendly packaging boxes. So, either you want an everyday packaging box, or you want to make it look different in any possible way, we will get it done for you.

Our material selection is the reason we are a name of trust in the packaging industry. Now with unlimited customization, top-notch designs and shapes, get a free quote today for eco-friendly boxes and let your business flourish beyond horizons.

Branding War

Every brand has become a part of the war on plastic, and while it is a brilliant trend and the right side of the war, this war is far from won. While the brands look for eco-friendly packaging solutions, they lag in offering an attractive packaging – the packaging that sells.

What makes Alpha Custom Boxes an ultimate packaging provider is its ability to offer eco-friendly product packaging in a way that it stands out from the rest due to its aesthetics, and customization that goes well away from simple dull and boring designs.

Material selection for eco-friendly retail packaging

The generic materials that are used for eco-friendly packaging are kraft and corrugated material. Corrugated material is preferred for packaging of the more fragile products, I.e., packaging of glass, and electronics, etc. The layers of corrugation in corrugated boxes decide the protection index of the box, as more layers offer extra protection.

Kraft boxes are sturdier boxes with an extra thickness and less flexibility. The thickness of the kraft boxes can be altered as per the requirements. Generally, they are used for the packaging of the food products. as gift boxes, and for a variety of display boxes on the shelf of stores.

Both corrugated and kraft boxes are the perfect choice for eco-friendly packages depending upon the product that you are planning to pack in them. If you are to ship heavy and fragile materials, corrugated boxes are your best bet, and if you are looking for a box by industry that will make your product stand out from the rest, or if you are looking for security options for packaging your food products, kraft boxes will do the trick.

What we offer at Alpha Custom Boxes:

At Alpha Custom Boxes, we offer a wide variety in both the eco-friendly kraft boxes and eco-friendly corrugated boxes. Our product line for kraft boxes includes, but is not limited to Kraft:

  • Counter display boxes
  • Bakery boxes
  • Mailer boxes
  • Gift boxes
  • Sliding-drawer boxes

Similarly, our product line in eco-friendly corrugated boxes includes:

  • Eco Friendly Shipping Boxes
  • Eco Friendly Moving Boxes

Different shapes and designs that we offer in the eco-friendly product line:

Alpha Custom Boxes have mastered the art of customization when it comes to designing the eco-friendly boxes as per the requirements of clients. While the customization that we offer is unlimited, and you can get absolutely every design and shape that you are looking for, some of our well-known designs and shapes are as follows:

  • In corrugated boxes:

In corrugated boxes, we offer different layers of corrugations, as per the requirement of our clients. Generally, a regular corrugated eco friendly box comes with a single layer of corrugation, and even though it is less protective, it is used widely for the products that require minimal protection.

Similarly, a double wall and a triple wall is also offered in corrugated boxes for extra protection. For clients that are looking for extra-protective boxes for shipping their products, more layers of corrugation are always helpful.

  • In Kraft boxes:

Unlike in corrugated boxes, where there is minimal customization possible, other than varying the layers of corrugation, kraft boxes allow us to offer a huge variety not only in sizes and shapes but also in dimensions and further add-ons.

  • Sliding-drawer kraft boxes

Sliding-drawer kraft boxes, as the name suggests, are designed like a sliding-draw, and are a proffered box for gifts and other kind of aesthetics’ shipping.

  • Counter-display kraft boxes

One of the most delicate types of kraft boxes is the counter display boxes. They are an ultimate attraction for the customers when they are placed on the counter shelf, and always prove to be a great selling point. We, at Alpha Custom Boxes, have years of experience in designing the counter display boxes, and you can get yours today the way you want.

  • Food and Bakery Packaging Kraft Boxes

Kraft boxes have always been known for preserving the aroma and taste of food, and they are the first choice of businesses looking for food and bakery packaging. We offer food and bakery boxes with lucrative add-ons, and no one does it better than us.

State-of-the-art Printing and Manufacturing Techniques

Alpha Custom Boxes has a state-of-the-art production house. It ensures that not all the required quality measures are met in printing. It offers the best that there is to its clients.

Various printing techniques in our manufacturing facility allows us to design a wide variety of flaps for eco-friendly boxes. Similarly, we use printing techniques to offer the quality printing of texts and images on the ordered boxes.

As the saying goes, it is the eyes that eat. So, we print in a way that is impossible for the customers to resist.

Add-ons that we offer for your eco-friendly wholesale packaging:

On top of not-easily-ignored designs, Alpha Custom Boxes offers a list of add-ons to glorify your eco-friendly packaging boxes further. Our famous add-ons include, but are not limited to:

  • Inserts

Inserts are used to protect a fragile product inside the box. Furthermore, they also offer an alluring look to the product box. They present the product to the customer in an elegant fashion when the customer opens the box.

Alpha Custom Boxes offer all kinds of inserts for your eco-friendly corrugated and kraft boxes. Platform inserts are also provided by us, which guide the customers about the usage of the product.

  • Windows

Windows are used for offering the customers an outlook of the product to the customers without opening the box. Products that are packed in the boxes with windows have an organic aura of attracting the customers.

  • Sleeves and Hang Tabs

While the hang tabs offer a hanger that helps in changing the product, sleeves provide an enticing look to the product. Alpha Custom Boxes are one of the pioneers of delivering these add-ons on eco-friendly boxes.

Furthermore, we offer various other types of add-ons like feet, tear-slip, book style, etc., and every other type of add-on that you can imagine. Similarly, we also offer a wide variety of coatings on the eco-friendly boxes to make them look more enticing and to make them more buy-able.

Why us?

While we being one of the top and most trusted brands in the eco-friendly packaging wholesale market, if you are looking for more reasons to choose us, here are some:

  • Free Sampling and Prototypes

We offer a free sampling of your order. Once you have placed an order, we will send you a prototype to approve, and we will take it from there.

  • ODM & OEM

We are the original design and original equipment manufacturer of the eco-friendly boxes. This has allowed us to excel beyond horizons in the designing and production of eco-friendly boxes.

  • Other Perks

On top of the features mentioned above, we also offer a quick turnaround time of the order, free delivery, adequate customer support to cater all your questions and queries.


  • In how many countries do Alpha Custom Boxes deliver?

We deliver all across the globe within our provided time limit. So, either you are ordering from Europe, America, or Australia, we are always the right choice.

  • What is the minimum number of boxes that I can order?

Usually, there is no cap to a minimum or maximum number when placing an order. However, it is ensured that the number of boxes being delivered is feasible concerning the production and delivery cost.

  • Can I provide my artwork to be printed on my ordered boxes?

Yes. We cater to all kinds of artwork provided by our clients to us. Once we have printed your artwork, we will give you a sample to provide us with the go-ahead.


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